Habakkuk Habakkuk
Raising the Ruins Raising the Ruins
Habakkuk The Worldwide Church of God leader said it was his "Christian duty" to keep Herbert W. Armstrong's writings out of print. But the Philadelphia Church of God now owns the copyrights to the 19 books and booklets written by Mr. Armstrong. That is the magnificent court victory we have won. God's work has been revived as prophesied! God gave us the victory even though the appeals court ruled against us! It is the most miraculous event since the Philadelphia Church began. Habakkuk prophesied that it would be a double-wonder miracle. God's message to the world could not have been delivered had we lost. The court battle tested the faith of God's people. Most of them have failed that test. Conversely, the miraculous victory revealed who believes God enough to fight for and deliver His end-time message!
Raising the Ruins What happened to the global humanitarian empire of Herbert W. Armstrong, one of the foremost religious leaders of the 20th century? Here is the shocking, gripping untold story of the doctrinal hijacking and spiritual destruction of the Worldwide Church of God after the death of its founder. It is the story of a cabal of leaders who destroyed Mr. Armstrong's work, sold the church's assets and hoarded the money. It is the story of the life-and-death, six-year court battle that ensued when a faith-filled few held fast to his mission and sought to defend his legacy-by raising the ruins.
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